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Parenting Resource: The Whole-Brain Child

Any parent will agree that what works for one baby or child, may not work for another.  Whether you showed up late because your toddler had a meltdown over the wrong coloured socks or because you forgot to address him/her by their imaginary name, patience can run VERY thin.

Like many of you, I’m curious to hear the ‘why’ behind suggested techniques and perspectives. I explored books and podcasts on baby and child development to gain helpful tips and tricks on navigating through the initial years and the ‘terrible twos” or “trying threes” as they are often called.  Out of all, I can’t say enough about “The Whole-Brain Child,” by Daniel Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, PH.D.  The educational piece behind the strategies given, became my game changer in parenting. ahem, moms or dads with no time for reading – it’s offered on audio!

Not only do you discover helpful, easy to apply suggestions and various relatable examples (from toddler – pre-teen years) it teaches you ways to deal with emotional struggles and conflict in a way that connects with, and meets where the child is at developmentally. The most fascinating component is the neuroscience behind how a child’s brain is wired and develops, in an easy to understand way!  While I can’t promise this book will eliminate parenting obstacles, I promise you’ll discover a couple of valuable takeaways and resonating moments to add within your toolkit.

Other excellent books by this author:

  • No Drama Discipline (emphasizing the “to teach” meaning of the word)
  • The Power of Showing Up
  • The YES Brain

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