Flourish with First Foods E-book

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Starting solids is a fun and exciting time, yet much to factor into the equation.

Flourish with First Foods is an evidence based educational guide to help parents protect and nourish their little ones during first seasons and beyond. The first 1000 days are the ‘window of opportunity’ to support overall growth, set the state of the delicate gut microbiome, and optimize brain development. Food introduction with the right timing, also plays a key role in the reduction of food allergy risks and creating a broad palate that welcomes many flavours and textures.

Introduce first foods with confidence while gaining the foundational knowledge to set your little learners up for life long health. This guide will provide priceless understanding and knowledge into these key areas:

Signs of readiness and importance of careful timing
Crucial nutrients to optimize growth & developing brain
Creating a broad palate to welcome many flavours and textures
How to promote a diverse gut microbiome and its HUGE role
The how’s and why’s of grain introduction
Bonus material including: Introductory Recipes and priceless education for easily implementation. Teething Pain Relief and Healthy Smash Cake Options

7 reviews for Flourish with First Foods E-book

  1. Daniela

    I highly recommend this book to new moms trying to decide what to feed their babies and why. I love the educational content. I learned much about properly supporting my daughter’s development and gut health.

  2. Jenn

    I was gifted this read. It is Packed with valuable learnings. I have a whole new understanding of this area to keep me going! I didn’t realize how little I knew about the developing gut and brain.

  3. Angie L. (verified owner)

    A well-rounded read that captures so many points I never even considered. The author does a great job keeping you engaged while providing information and ideas to give you education and confidence.

  4. Janet (verified owner)

    Nicely written with many eye opening moments. I knew gut health was important, but this explained just how much it ties into everything!

  5. Sabrina (verified owner)

    You will learn a lot of useful information with this book! So glad I read this before starting solid foods with my daughter.

  6. Alexis (verified owner)

    Ebook is nicely separated into great topics. If it weren’t for this book grains and bananas would have been my first go too, and I would have started right at 6 months no matter what. 4 stars because I wish this came in audio also!

  7. Tanya (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this guide. Too many takeaways to mention but all very helpful and empowering. I learned more than I expected! I appreciated the down to earth vibe from the author as well.

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