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Grab our E-book "Flourish with First Foods" and gain invaluable insights into why this stage is transformative for your little one's health and development.

Did you know that during the first 1000 days, you hold the power to influence your child’s long-term health through food choices? This period is often called the “window of opportunity,” as it coincides with essential brain development and the establishment of a crucial gut microbiome.  

Food selection and introduction play a key role in: 

  • Establishing the diversity of the gut microbiome which carries us through life
  • Optimal Brain Development & Growth 
  • Establishing Healthy Eating Habits 
  • Reducing Food Allergy Risks
  • Contributing to a Broad Palate
  • Reduce future risks of certain diseases

Our E-book provides evidence-based knowledge paired with wholesome nutrient dense foods supporting the crucial nutritional demands of this stage.   

With underdeveloped digestive systems, infants are not yet ready to receive, transform or absorb all food groups, due to many evolving factors at play.

It’s crucial to understand that gut bacteria are still multiplying along their intestinal walls. Introducing food before the digestive system is ready can lead to undigested food entering the bloodstream, increasing the risk of sensitivities, allergies, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, inflammation, and more. On the other hand, research indicates that introducing allergenic foods early on can reduce the risk of allergies.

As your baby embarks on their culinary journey, let us equip you with simple nourishing strategies to help your little ones thrive to their fullest potential.

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Flourish with First Foods

Required for healthy neurological development.  When demand isn’t met, cognitive and motor damage can become irreversible. While in the womb, the baby receives much of its iron which remains in store until 6 months old. (those who did delayed cord clamping at birth may have further reserves) Tip: Never solely rely on fortified foods as the absorption rate or bioavailability is poor, meaning the body is only able to use a small fraction of this (as low as 4%) *insert eyebrow raise here*

Contributes to the development of the baby’s immune system, digestive abilities and is a key mineral in the intestinal mucosal lining, health of skin & bones, physical activity, growth and cognitive development. Low levels may affect growth levels, acid reflux, possible eczema, and immune system impairment. According to research, higher zinc levels might lead to improved cognitive development. Tip: certain foods are considered zinc blockers or competitors meaning they will decrease the bioavailability of zinc.

Essential for healthy brain development. As noted in scientific studies, within the first year, most of the caloric intake used by babies are from fat. Just think, mother’s milk which is innately designed to support baby’s needs, is made up of 50-60% fat. Not to mention, your baby’s vastly growing brain is also 60% fat, being built by – you guessed it….the fats in their diet!

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Immune Optimization Package

As a parent, sending your child to school stirs up a whirlwind of emotions. Whether it’s the “wheels on the bus” or driving them to the door, the mix of excitement and anxiety is real. Will they make friends? Will they fit in? Will they get the right support? Will they get picked on? And of course, there’s the worry about them catching every germ out there.

This package equips parents with nutritional and lifestyle tools to bolster their child’s immune system for better resilience against common school-related illnesses. It emphasizes supporting healthy gut microbes, incorporating colorful foods, and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels to enhance focus.

The aim isn’t to completely avoid sickness, as children build their immune defenses during their early years. The goal is to ensure their immune system is well-nourished, enabling it to combat invaders more effectively and recover faster. This doesn’t mean sending a sick child to school or downplaying illnesses. It’s a reminder that every pathogen encountered strengthens the immune system, creating antibodies and memory cells to protect against future infections. Your body learns not to fall for the same trick twice.

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