key Credentials

Relevant to this field, I hold the designation, C.H.N., Certified in Holistic Nutrition; completed at one of the top recognized Nutrition Schools in Canada. This program encompassed a comprehensive, scientifically grounded curriculum centered on the concept of bio-individuality, with a core emphasis on restoring harmony to the body’s systems throughout all life stages.

Reproductive/Fertility Focus:

Fertility issues and disruptors are on the rise making it fundamental that we identify all contributing factors.  I hold further credentials as Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor.  This pairing allows me to better understand the complexities of the conception process to best assist clients struggling to conceive, or who wish to optimize their fertility, pregnancy, and the health of their baby.  This entails:

  • Proper understanding of the female body in relation to the reproductive process, all the factors involved in its optimization, and fertility inhibitors, to best support positive outcomes  (including the Fertility Awareness Method)
  • Utilizing optimal nutrition to improve fertility pillars and mitigate possible conditions
  • Tools to understand unique ovulation  (Fertility Awareness Method)
  • Guidance determining unique ‘fertile window’ 
  • Factors behind miscarriages and implantation failure with a nutrient/lifestyle plan to reduce these scenarios
  • Discussion of common conditions to be ruled out by medical provider (which may impair fertility or inhibit successful conception or carrying to term)
  • Supporting clients undergoing IVF by preparing  the body for this process:  Customized nutrition & supplements, optimization of egg/sperm quality and eliminating the highest fertility disruptors leading into and during the first trimester

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals where we must adhere to strict guidelines and acquire continued educational hours within the health and wellness industry each year.  

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