HiYa Health - Children’s Multi Vitamin

Why I love HiYa Vitamins (ages 2 and up)
When I first began looking into a multivitamin for my son, I became frustrated with all of the added junk and disguised ingredients that seem to go against the very reason for taking these – a healthy boost of important vitamins and minerals. When I finally discovered HiYa Vitamins, I was so excited to see how clean these are, being free of: sugar, preservatives, dyes, and sticky gummy substance (that can leave residue and contribute to tooth decay).  These vitamins are made from fruits and vegetables (naturally sweetened with monk fruit) and designed by pediatricians, scientists, and nutrition experts.

I was also excited to note these contain active forms and NOT synthetic forms. Another bonus, my son LOVES the taste and  and they are now available to ship to Canada! I am eager for you to share these with your little ones, so I obtained promotional savings that provides FREE SHIPPING and allows you to get your FIRST BOTTLE (typically $30) for only $15. I also love the unique touch by providing you with a beautiful glass bottle with stickers to decorate. Once finished, you only have to purchase the tablets.

Purchasing through the button below will provide you with the discount I am able to offer all my readers.  The discount is automatically reflected in the pricing at checkout!