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Whole Nourishment.

Through all of Life's Seasons.

What is Seeds to Branches Nutrition?

Customized holistic nutrition and fertility counseling designed to optimize the health & wellness of women and children, at all branches of life.  Whether prior to planting the seed at preconception, prenatal, pediatrics or beyond, we connect nutritional science with an evidence-based, ‘root cause’ approach. 

ABOUT ME Valerie

My name is Valerie.  I’m a compassionate, Certified Holistic Nutrition & Fertility Practitioner, wife, daughter, sister, mother to a charming little boy and fur mama to our husky-lab.  Allow me to share a bit about myself, so you know who you’re putting your trust in.

OUR MISSION Every person is unique

Your specific ‘season of life’ is unique.  Not everyone thrives or benefits from the same balance of nutrients or food selections.  Focusing on the bio-individual with a root cause approach, we assess body system imbalances in relation to your scenario.  This incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and mindset.  

Most of all, we empower you with lifelong tools and knowledge, leading you into your goals and optimal wellness.

What is the Seeds to Branches approach?

Our Focus is on the root cause.  We conduct an in-depth assessment of your entire picture by addressing body systems as a whole rather than individual parts or isolated issues. This includes: Health history, current nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and mindset.  An attainable plan is created in relation to nutrition & lifestyle; factoring in body system imbalances and your individual needs & goals.  We provide encouragement and compassion while following  you along your journey.

**All Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioners adhere to a Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice. All client intake forms are secure and kept confidential. Please check with your health insurance provider as some employers may cover Certified Holistic Nutrition Counseling under extended wellness benefit plans. **

Our Focus:

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